After several commissions these cooking oars, also known as cooking paddles, are now available on the online shop.  Although having no bowl hollow the original customers gave testiment to their use, especially when mixing ingredients.  The oars have been made from cherry and have a sanded finish. 

Cooking Oar

  • Species: Cherry.
    Length: 300mm (approx).
    Bowl Width: 55mm (approx).
    Finish: Sanded.
    Painted: No.
    Sealed: Mixture of beeswax & food-grade linseed (flaxseed) oil.

About Martin

Martin Damen is a Maker of Hand-Carved Spoons and Bowls.  Traditional hand tools are used by Martin to make his spoons and bowls from timber sourced from within 10 miles of the workshop.

Martin teaches a range of courses at his workshop on a private tuition basis.

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